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ECOM Bion Spray

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Antiseptics Ecom Bion Spray is a revolutionary product for disinfection and sterilization developed by Japanese scientists. The product is used for treating hands, mouth and any surfaces. Available as a spray in a 10 ml bottle. The shelf life is 5 years.

Characteristics and purpose of the spray

The Bion Spray contains bionized water - a composition that reacts and actively fights against microbes and bacteria, disinfecting any surface, as well as hands, oral cavity and wounds.

Disinfection, treatment and prevention of diseases:

• Rotavirus

• Skin diseases caused by infection (herpes, etc.)

• Disinfection of the throat for colds

• Treating the nose for congestion

• Sterilization of wounds

• Hand antiseptic

• Eliminates bad breath

ECOM Bion Spray is sprayed to kill bacteria and germs. To use the product, you need to open the protective cap and spray on the desired area. A unique disinfectant provides reliable protection for humans, preventing viruses and infections from entering the body.

Disinfection of surfaces

The spray thoroughly disinfects all surfaces it comes into contact with. They can handle a telephone, cutlery, car interiors, baby clothes and toys, writing utensils and furniture in the house. Due to the absence of alcohol in the composition, the product is easily absorbed and does not pose a threat to small children.

Thanks to the special handle on the cap, the antiseptic can be easily attached to pockets, working folders and other items, and thanks to its compactness it can easily fit into a pocket. The product can be stored anywhere and used on the go. The disinfector is suitable for all ages. Put it in your school backpack and explain to your child how to use the product.

Ecom Bion Spray has several advantages over other antiseptics:

• Does not cause an allergic reaction in humans

• Has a unique composition for disinfection

• Eliminates unpleasant odors

• Sterilizes the surface of furniture, clothing and footwear of a person, a room within a radius of 1 meter

• Has no specific taste and smell

• Lack of alcohol in the composition

• Compact and easy to use

• Has a strong disinfection and sterilization effect

The product can be used during pregnancy and lactation. Safe to use, suitable for children.

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