The "EAP" project was created with the aim of presenting new innovative products produced in Japan, related primarily to the protection of human health, as well as environmentally friendly products to protect our environment.

As part of a new international project, in the status of our company as an official representative and distributor, we represent the products of the Japanese manufacturer SK-COMPANY Co., Ltd. (SHINCO Co., Ltd.). Under the registered trade brand "ECOM", we present a unique product that was developed and created by Japanese scientists. Each product is based on solid chlorine dioxide (CLO2), which, when combined with air, cleans the space around you. Wherever you are: indoors, in transport or on the street, ECOM products will reliably protect you. 

Our product line includes products for personal protection of a person, products for disinfection and sterilization of various confined spaces, for example, a wardrobe, refrigerator, car, products for various premises, which can be used both in homes and offices. The action of each product includes three main effects: Disinfection, Sterilization, Deodorization, for this reason we named our new project "EAP"

Products "ECOM" on the basis of tests carried out in Scientific Research Institutes and Centers in Japan, received Quality Certificates and Safety Certificate. ECOM products are confirmed by the Quality Certificates of the Noguchi Medical Research Institute (NMRI), named after a prominent Japanese figure, bacteriologist - microbiologist who made a great contribution to the field of world medicine.

This year, our company presents a new world famous brand "PITTAMASK" from ARAX CO. Ltd. Reusable protective masks are made from innovative polyurethane specially created for masks. Due to microscopic pores, complex structure, masks retain about 99% of impurities (dust, bacteria, pollen, finely dispersed liquid, vapors, etc.).