The online store "EAP" was created with the aim of presenting innovative products from Japan related to the protection of human health, as well as environmentally friendly products to protect our environment. We made affordable prices and delivery all over the world, so that everyone can afford to protect their health from viruses, infections, germs and bacteria.

In our store you can find a wide range of health products, including: unique ECOM disinfectants, reusable masks, antiseptics and virus blockers. EAP is the official distributor and representative of ECOM & PITTA MASK brands.

ECOM products

We represent the products of the Japanese manufacturer SK-COMPANY Co., Ltd. (SHINCO Co., Ltd.). Under the registered trade brand "ECOM". A unique product developed by Japanese scientists. ECOM products are based on granular chlorine dioxide (CLO2), which, when combined with air, releases and disinfects the space.

Chlorine dioxide breaks down the protein of viruses and infections, thereby neutralizing them. CLO2 is recognized as one of the safest and most effective disinfectants in the world. Chlorine dioxide is not a chlorine-type disinfectant, that is, it does not emit free chlorine, and therefore does not form harmful side effects, but its biocidal effect on bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, etc. is more powerful than chlorine due to active oxygen.

ECOM products neutralize viruses and infections (ARVI, Influenza, Staphylococcus aureus, Meningitis, Parainfluenza, Rhinovirus and others) removes germs and bacteria, removes unpleasant odors and mold, makes life easier for asthmatics and people who are allergic to pollen, and prevents pneumonia. The products are used at home, at work, indoors, public transport, shopping centers, on the street, wherever you are. The action of each product includes three main effects: Disinfection, Sterilization, Deodorization

ECOM disinfectant is available in the form of cartridges for disinfection of premises (room, hospital room, refrigerator, car, closet, office, etc.), badges and badges for personal disinfection and antiseptic sprays based on bionized water. A wide assortment, variety in design will allow you to choose products for any occasion and for your taste.

Products "ECOM" on the basis of tests carried out in Scientific Research Institutes and Centers in Japan, received Quality Certificates and Safety Certificate. ECOM products are confirmed by the Quality Certificates of the Noguchi Medical Research Institute (NMRI), named after a prominent Japanese figure, bacteriologist - microbiologist who made a great contribution to the field of world medicine.

As of 2020, chlorine dioxide is accepted as a disinfectant, as a disinfectant in many countries, and is used to disinfect and sterilize various materials and medical devices.

ECOM products have been tested and researched in organizations such as: Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center.

Branches: For Environment and Human Health ( and Japan Food Research Laboratories (, Tokyo, Japan, as well as SETSCO Service Pte Ltd, Singapore (, an accredited laboratory recognized by the international health organizations HSA and SAC.


PITTA MASK products

Our company represents the world famous brand "PITTA MASK" from ARAX CO. Ltd. Reusable protective masks from Japan are made from innovative polyurethane specially created for masks. Due to microscopic pores, complex structure, masks retain about 99% of impurities (dust, bacteria, pollen, finely dispersed liquid, vapors, etc.).

PITTA MASK protective masks have many advantages over others:

  1. Durable
  2. Elastic
  3. Stylish design
  4. A wide range of
  5. Fit the face tightly
  6. 3 pcs. in each package
  7. Does not fog up
  8. Packaged in a sealed film
  9. High breathability makes them easy to breathe
  10. Reusable (can be washed and put on again after use)

Masks provide comfort and safety, and are available in 3 sizes and more than 12 colors. They are so comfortable that you won't even notice them on your face. Take care of your health with PITTA MASK products - Japanese quality and reliability.