Personal health protection remedies:

1. ES-020 (shield) - Attach to chest level, to outerwear. Arriving at the premises, perepegnut icon from the outer clothing on the clothes in which you are in the room.

IMPORTANT! The badge should always be fastened on top of any clothing, wherever you are, at chest level..

2. ES-010 (badge) - Hang a ribbon with the product around your neck or attach it with a clip to your breast pocket.

IMPORTANT! The badge should always be on top of any clothes, wherever you are, at chest level.

Disinfection Space:

Mounted in indoor and enclosed spaces, on a horizontal or vertical surface. For details, see the description of the product "Disinfection Space".

The basis of "ECOM" products is a compound of solid chlorine dioxide, which reacts with air, reacts to create a protective sheath that cleans the air, neutralizes viruses, infections, microbes and bacteria, as well as eliminates odors and mold, makes life easier for people suffering from asthma.

The product is safe for health and used at any age, but when used by children under 3 years of age, adult supervision is necessary, since the child can swallow the product or its contents.

The main contraindication to all products is to avoid contact with the contents inside each product, access to which is closed, unless you deliberately open the casing of each product, but even if the composition inside the package gets on the skin or eyes, then rinse thoroughly with running water If you feel unwell - consult a doctor.

Also, people who are allergic to chloride compounds are not recommended to use the products.

Our products are used by pregnant women and are in great demand in hospitals, medical clinics, including perinatal centers, where from the first days of birth a child uses ECOM products for personal protection.

Delivery is carried out to all cities of the world, delivery times vary from the point of delivery.