Privacy Policy AGV-Holding Ltd. acts with respect to the personal data provided by the company's customers, both for rendering various services, and for performing other interactions, usually in electronic format, as well as with the participation of customers in the company's shares, providing technical support to the customer and providing services under the guarantee.

AGV-Holding Ltd. reserves the right to make changes and additions to the current provisions of the Privacy Policy, and these changes and additions will take precedence over the current provisions of the Policy. We pay attention, provided by AGV-Holding Ltd. services may contain links to third parties that have their own privacy policies. In such cases, AGV-Holding Ltd. is not responsible for the content and compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy of any third-party company. Providing AGV-Holding Ltd. their personal data, the client gives full consent to their processing in the ways provided by the current provisions of the Company's Privacy Policy.

AGV-Holding Ltd. collects the customer's personal data in the following categories:

When placing an order on, owned by AGV-Holding Ltd.:

•Full name;

•contact phone number and e-mail address where we can contact you;

•information about the delivery address of your order.

The objectives of processing personal data of customers AGV-Holding Ltd. .:

• selling products and providing other services to the client;

• the account of client's wishes (when developing a new product or service);

• informing the client about promotions, discounts and special offers through electronic and SMS-dispatches;

• feedback from the client.

AGV-Holding Ltd. does not provide personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:

• obtaining a direct consent of the user to transfer his personal data to a third party;

• at the request of law enforcement agencies in accordance with applicable law;

• merger or acquisition of a company.

Use of AGV-Holding Ltd. Cookies and Spot Markers Cookies provide the ability to collect the following information about the client: IP address / operating system / browser type / addresses of referring sites. This is necessary to improve the services provided to the client company. Point markers serve to graphically reflect on the site impersonal information about users (visitors counters / views on the site). At will, the client at any time can prevent tracking of their actions by disabling Cookies.

User rights in respect of personal data In accordance with the current legislation and the policy of AGV-Holding Ltd.

On the protection of personal data, you can change them at any time, update them or ask for deletion.