Threats to our health

Human health directly depends on what kind of air it breathes. A lot of invisible organisms - bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. - get into our body by airborne droplets.

Ensure absolute protection against viral infections (viruses) is possible only in sterile rooms such as the operating room. In ordinary homes, offices, in production areas, in transport, such complete protection against viruses looks utopian.

But there are means that can provide excellent disinfection of any enclosed space. Their use does not require any effort. It is enough to install these disinfection facilities in the room, and they immediately begin to work. We are talking about the products of the Ecom series, you can order the goods on our website.

Infection in adults has symptoms and treatment of a different nature. It depends on what became the causative agent of the disease, and how the body is prepared for a viral attack. Protection from infections in many people is weakened. Therefore, the prevention of disease is so important. Find effective antiviral drugs (inexpensive) for adults now is not so simple. Really good funds from flu require investments. The same applies to funds from ARVI. A sick person can be permanently excluded from the normal rhythm of life. But if a competent prophylaxis of a company of a viral infection has been carried out, all this can be avoided.

Having bought the goods from us, you get not only reliable protection from bacteria, microbes that are the causative agents of various ailments, but also an anti-allergic remedy, as well as a remedy for unpleasant odor and mold in the room. This works like this:

• Ecom products are manufactured in the form of plastic boxes and spray, it is used in residential and office buildings, in cars, as well as in the refrigerator. The effect of the agent is based on the fact that, evaporating, it releases chlorine dioxide, which is capable of oxidizing protein molecules in the air and decomposing them. Thus, foreign elements are removed from the atmosphere. But they are the carriers of viruses and bacteria, from them there is an unpleasant smell in the room. The air is deodorized, cleaned; conditions that are favorable for the appearance of mold are removed;

• Air Purfier - an air purifier that works from finger batteries. Having bought this product, the user receives an effective protection against allergies, the ability to remove mold, eliminate the unpleasant odor in the room, get rid of bacteria in the atmosphere. Air passes through the filter, cleared of dirt, pollen, allergens, viruses and comes out already clean.

It is beneficial in all respects to order goods from us, to quickly get a reliable means of preventing infectious and viral diseases, allergies, a way to rid your home from the spread of mold and bad odor. To be ill there is no time! It is reasonable not to bring the situation to the point that we will have to look for an antiviral inexpensive remedy for an adult. Breathing clean air is the inalienable right of everyone. This right must be used.

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