ECOM Filter

Reference: EKF-011

Filter for ECOM Air Purifier - Japanese remedy for health protection

Reliable protection of your health 24 hours a day.

The product is valid for 3 months.

It is used in a closed room (room, office, desk, study)

Сleans the space, eliminates odors around you and deodorizes the atmosphere.

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Means of protection against microbes, bacteria, viruses including. from the H1N1 flu virus, infectious diseases, formaldehyde and benzene, mold fungi, removes unpleasant odors, reduces the effects of allergic pathogens (such as plant pollen), will make life easier for people with asthma.


Data sheet

Shelf life
1 year
Product validity period
3 months
79x69x15 mm.
68 g.

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