How to choose an indoor air purifier

An air purifier has long ceased to be a specialized device for medical institutions. It is an indispensable assistant in the office, at home, and in any other premises. Such a device not only makes life easier for people with allergies, for example, to dust, but also helps absolutely everyone to maintain their health.

There are always invisible particles in the air that are harmful to humans - these are not only dust, but also particles of skin and hair, epithelium and animal hair. Even car fumes or industrial emissions can easily penetrate from the street air into any room. Tobacco smoke and other unpleasant odors are all easily eliminated with an air purifier.

The use of an air disinfector significantly reduces the risk of respiratory diseases, as well as complications, or the appearance of allergies. After all, constant contact with allergens can cause asthma. Cleaning the premises has a positive effect on the entire body, because human health directly depends on air quality.

What should be an air purifier

Air purifiers are different: water and dry, as well as with different filters. All of them have strengths and weaknesses, and when choosing, it is necessary to clarify what task the disinfector will have to solve. For example, some models are better at removing allergens, while others are more effective at eliminating the smell of tobacco. But in any case, an air purifier should have basic functions:

1)fight mold particles;

2)remove unpleasant odors;

3)kill harmful bacteria, viruses and germs.

But the most important thing is that the purifier must be safe for humans, because every time it is inconvenient to leave the room to clean it. The cost of the device is no less important, it should not be overstated and reasonable.

What to look for when choosing an air disinfector

It is desirable that an air purifier be able to solve several problems at once. For example, it not only eliminated unpleasant odors and refreshed the room, but killed pathogenic bacteria and viruses, protecting the health of people in the room. And of course, you need to pay attention to the country in which the device is made, as well as the warranty period - it must be at least 30 days.

If there are people with allergies in the room, special attention must be paid to the choice of a purifier, because even disinfecting components can cause an allergic reaction. The best choice is hypoallergenic air purification methods.

You also need to pay attention to usability. The easier and faster you can install and run an air purifier, change its consumable components and rearrange it if necessary, the better.

ECOM Air Purifier is one of the best indoor air purifiers. Designed in Japan, it is reliable, safe and effective. Its action is based on the reaction of granular chlorine dioxide, which begins to release when interacting with oxygen and nitrogen. It is he who purifies the air and disinfects it. This substance is recognized as one of the safest and most effective. It has nothing to do with the usual chlorine - there will be no specific smell, but the device is not suitable for people who are allergic to chlorine compounds.

This air purifier can be installed in any room due to its small size. At the same time, it is effective both in a small bathroom and in a spacious office, where several people work at the same time. One cartridge lasts for 3 months - you only need to change it 4 times a year. And the manufacturer gives a guarantee for as long as 90 days.

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