How to choose a room air freshener?

Dust particles, unpleasant odors, allergens, pathogenic viruses, bacteria and microbes are all constantly in the air. And even wet cleaning of the room using strong disinfectant solutions will not help - after all, they will only clean the surfaces, but they will not be able to destroy what is in the air. Airing will also not be able to solve the problem, because the outside air can hardly be called clean. To the already existing harmful particles will only be added car exhaust and other emissions that have a negative effect on human health.

An air freshener, which also performs a cleaning function, has already become a necessary part of every home. After all, viruses and bacteria cause respiratory diseases, and these are not only harmless, at first glance, ARVI, but also more severe, like bronchitis, pneumonia and others. Allergies can occur unexpectedly even in adulthood, even if a person has never had such reactions before. And prolonged exposure to the allergen on the body causes complications, one of them is bronchial asthma.

The side of comfort is added to health care - after all, no one wants to live feeling the constant smell of tobacco, which can be pulled by ventilation even from another apartment, dampness, or, for example, animals. Only one device helps to cope with all these problems - an air purifier.

How to choose the right room air purifier

There are a lot of indoor air purifiers, they differ in their principle of operation, and in terms of working conditions, and in size. There is often no place to install a bulky device, a built-in one is difficult to rearrange, and expensive devices do not always justify their price.

For rooms, it is better to choose a small air purifier that will not take up much space and will easily fit into any interior. Among such devices, there are many models that perform the function of just air fragrances. But it is important to pay attention to the fact that it does not mask the unpleasant odor, but actually eliminates it, and also:

1)destroyed particles of fungi and mold;

2)fought viruses, bacteria and germs.

Safety for humans is also important. Indeed, many products for air disinfection can only be used in an empty room, and people need to go out during processing.

Among the cleaning devices suitable for rooms, ECOM Space can be distinguished. It is small, attaches to any surface, and one cartridge is enough for 3 months of continuous work. The air purifier was developed in Japan, so it meets the highest safety standards and is highly efficient. At a low and affordable price, the manufacturer guarantees work for a whole year.

ECOM Space is based on granular chlorine dioxide. It starts working by interacting with air. Effectively disinfecting and eliminating odors, this small purifier takes care of your health every day. Unlike regular chlorine, this compound does not have a specific odor and unpleasant consequences such as dry skin or redness. However, its use is not recommended for people who are allergic to chlorine components.

The Japanese air purifier does not need to be switched on and off, it is enough to install it in the chosen place and change the cartridges every 90 days. With minimal human effort, this device takes care of his health every day, removing harmful substances from the air, making it clean and fresh.

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