Car air freshener: which one is better to choose?

The car interior easily and quickly absorbs unpleasant odors, which are then very difficult to remove. Tobacco, dampness and mold, food, building materials and much more - all this easily leaves a trail that remains in the cabin for a very long time.

Of course, the choice of car air fresheners is huge, and you can buy them in any supermarket. But are they effective? In fact, all flavors only mask an unpleasant odor, and even have a very small area of ​​action. By hanging them on the rear-view mirror, as many do, you can kill the smell for the driver and passenger, while the situation in the rear seats and in the trunk does not improve. Yes, and they do not last long - after a couple of days after opening, the pleasant aroma begins to weaken, and through it you can feel unpleasant odors.

In addition, such fragrances are not able to cope with the more important task - they do not disinfect and do not purify the air. Mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria - all of them continue to negatively affect the human body, and this can cause serious diseases.

Which air freshener is best for the cabin

As we have already found out, classic fragrances are not suitable for disinfection and odor elimination. And although they are inexpensive, they do not last long. Therefore, it is better to refuse such an option.

There are also vaporizer devices, usually powered by usb. They can humidify the air, and when added flavoring - fill it with a pleasant aroma. But even such a flavoring is not suitable. Firstly, a humidifier can provoke the development of mold and mildew in a car, and if they already exist, accelerate their reproduction and spread. And secondly, like the previous version, it does not eliminate odors, but only masks them.

Ozonizers are also widely represented - they are too large and require a lot of electricity. Therefore, this option, although not bad, is still suitable only for a small number of motorists.

ECOM Car disinfectants are gaining popularity. They were developed by Japanese scientists, and their main advantage is efficiency and safety. Their small size allows them to be used in any car, and the neutral odor allows you to customize the fragrance to your liking.

What is the difference between a modern disinfectant and other devices

ECOM Car is an air purifier based on chlorine dioxide. It is released when it reacts with air. This substance perfectly removes not only even the strongest unpleasant odors, but also kills germs, bacteria and fungi. Such a device not only cleans and disinfects the air, but also prevents the spread of mold and mildew in the car interior.

At the same time, the development of Japanese scientists is one of the most effective and safe means in the world. Similar disinfectants, differing only in size, are used in hospitals, including children's hospitals, living quarters, and offices.

The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty for each air purifier, and one cartridge is enough for 2 months. He does not need electricity, it is enough just to install the disinfectant in a convenient place, and replace it at the end of its working life.

Such a device must be in the cabin for those who spend a lot of time driving, have a predisposition to frequent respiratory diseases, allergies, and just want to maintain their health. In addition, the interior will always be fresh, because ECOM Car will not emit an unpleasant smell of chlorine or other substances - its operation is almost imperceptible. Together with it, you can install any fragrance that will fill the interior with a pleasant aroma.

Low price, long action and ease of use make this air purifier the best among all similar devices.

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